What is the difference between compromise and collaboration?

Compromise vs. Collaboration: Navigating Conflict for Organizational Success 🌟 Understanding the dynamics between compromise and collaboration is crucial for any team aiming to achieve greatness. This distinction, often glossed over, holds the key to transforming how we work together, resolve conflicts, and drive forward the missions of our organizations. The Essence of Consensus, Compromise, and […]

3 Things that Inspire Product Owners: Part 1

Now, this might sound a little controversial but I do think that as a great Product Owner, you should really be in love with the problem you are trying to solve, not with the solution but with the problem. Because if you really see a problem happening over and over again, you should think about […]

The 1000 students challenge (2)

In May of last year I was able to run my first Pay It Forward Scrum Training at the University of Bern in Switzerland. I had blogged about this event there:  The 1000 Students Challenge Last week-end I had the chance to do the second run at the University of Applied Sciences (FHNW) in Brugg […]

The Weight of the Christmas Cake

At my daughters school they organize a charity event every year. There are all kinds of different foods, games and lotteries were you can spent money for the good cause. Since it is a british school the mandatory guessing of the Christmas cake weight must not be forgotten. In Agile and Scrum we praise ourselves […]

Capacity: Help with Excel

For every Sprint Planning the capacity, the hours available for the team is an important ingredient. Usually, this is rather straight forward and easy to do. At my current project we have two teams. Each team is cross-functional, i.e. being able to deliver a piece of done software. However, in this case, the skills are […]

The 1000 Students Challenge

I’ve been doing agile coaching and consulting since 2003. First internally, later external working for various consulting organizations all over the globe. Well, one of my key experiences was, that before being able to teach agile, the mind needs to be freed from old school thinking. Think about a major reset. I won’t say that […]

PSD (Java) First Run

Most Scrum implementations fail or have limited success for one reason. The team is not able to really deliver a potential shippable product increment according to the definition of done. This causes all kinds of problems down the road. One of the main manifestations is that the the sprint cadence goes over board. By loosing […]

Are you Ready Ready

I’ve been to the Scrum Gathering in Munich this year. In his keynote Jeff Sutherland describes how he gets Scrum teams hyper productive. Essentially, you need to get your stories to Done Done as fast as possible. However, often too many unknowns do exist when a user story is being played. To fix this problem […]