Our references

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Must read

Testing for Development (and some QA)

Good References Online

  • Scrum Guide
  • A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making
  • The New New Product Development Game
  • Ten Year Agile Retrospective: How We Can Improve In The Next Ten Years
  • Guide Agile Alliance
  • Agile Atlas
  • — Scrum is a Major Management Discovery
  • Scaling Agile @ Spotify

Tools for Code Analysis

  • PMD und CPD (Copy Paste Detector)
  • Singleton Detector (Google Singleton Detector) together with yEd
  • Testability Explorer
  • Checkstyle/JCSC
  • Cobertura
  • FindBugs
  • Measure

Tools for Testing

  • FITNesse
  • Selenium

Tools for Configuration and Build

  • Ant, Rake (Ruby based Make)
  • Hudson, CruiseControl

Agile Management Tools

  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Rally
  • Mingle
  • VersionOne
  • ScrumWorks
  • AgileFant
  • Agilo
  • Google Docs Capacity Excel Sheet

Video Clips


  • We tried baseball and it didn’t work
  • Impact Mapping to identify the scope
  • Radical Management is very Scrumish
  • How General Electric uses self-organisation at an aviation plant