Should a Product Owner Do an Agile Leadership Course?

In my opinion, Agile Leadership is quite different from Product Ownership and even though there may be some room for negotiation, I think that leadership is all about creating clarity and building trust.

So, in essence, clarity is really there to remove ambiguity. By providing clear goals and clear objectives, building trust and working with people, investing in them, helping them and giving them the sense that questions and problems can be solved by coming to you and asking for support, you can enable a productive and transparent team.

I think this embodies what true leadership is, and as we want to see it in an Agile environment. More than this, we ideally want the Product Owner to embody and represent these same values within the organization and team, and so, in summary, I think it is a really great idea for a Product Owner to do an Agile Leadership course.


Because it will:  

 🚀 Help boost employee satisfaction.  

🚀 Increase employee retention.  

🚀 Enhance productivity.  

🚀 Foster growth and collaboration.  

Sound good?  

If you want to learn more about embodying Agile Leadership as a Product Owner, get in touch with Ralph and he’ll lead the way! 

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