3 signs that your Scrum Master is failing the team. Sign 2.

Scrum Master Missteps: Part 2 of 6 – Is Micromanagement Creeping In? 🔍

Venturing further into the world of Scrum, there’s another aspect that’s been gnawing at my thoughts, and it’s one that many of us have witnessed in various team settings – micromanagement. But, here’s the shocker: It’s making its way into Scrum too! 😮

The Sprint Planning Quagmire 🌀

Imagine this: Your Scrum Master is there, calculator in one hand, pen in the other, meticulously breaking down tasks, allocating work amounts, and – the cherry on top – assigning tasks to developers during the Sprint planning. Sounds familiar? Well, let’s face it. It’s a formula for disaster. 🚫

Empowerment Over Assignment 🌈

Sprint planning is when magic happens. It’s that dynamic space where:

  • Drafting the Goal 🎯: Developers and the product owner collaborate to draft a Sprint goal.
  • Forecasting 🌦: The developers take the lead, making their own forecast without external imposition.
  • Discovering Roles 🧭: Figuring out who does what should be an organic process, discovered as the Sprint unfolds.

Steer Clear of the Accounting Trap 📉

If you notice your Scrum Master treating Sprint planning like an accounting session, with names being put against tasks like items on a checklist, it’s a glaring red flag. 🚩 This isn’t about ticking off tasks. It’s about fostering an environment where a team performs at its peak, feels ownership, and thrives.

In essence, if you want a high-performance team, let them breathe, let them own their space, and most importantly, let them be. Trust me, the results will be worth it! 💥

Stay connected as we continue to shine a light on Scrum Master signals that could be potential game changers. Knowledge is power, and you’re just amping it up! 🚀


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