What is the product vision?

Navigating Towards a Compelling Product Vision: A Deep Dive into Crafting and Realizing Your BHAG

Creating a product vision is akin to setting the compass for a ship navigating the vast ocean of market opportunities and challenges. This vision serves as the beacon, guiding the organization towards its “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (BHAG), a term coined by Jim Collins. It’s more than just a statement; it embodies the long-term aspiration and instills a sense of urgency to act in the present. But how do we create a vision that not only directs but also inspires and mobilizes an organization towards its future?

The Essence of a Product Vision

The Beacon of Ambition

The product vision represents the ultimate goal an organization aims to achieve. It should be ambitious enough to push the organization out of its comfort zone while being realistic enough to inspire belief in its attainability. This delicate balance between aspiration and achievability is what makes a vision compelling. It’s about believing in the value of the endeavor, regardless of the uncertainty of success.

Attracting Talent and Fostering Commitment

A well-articulated vision does more than guide; it attracts. By laying out a challenge that is both daunting and worthy, organizations can draw in talent who are eager to contribute to something significant. This aspect of a vision underscores its role not just in strategic direction but in shaping the organization’s culture and appeal to potential team members.

The Journey to Crafting a Vision

The Process Over the Product

Interestingly, the process of developing a product vision is often more critical than the final statement itself. It involves a journey through uncertainty and collective effort, a concept referred to as the “groan zone.” This process is essential for building strong leadership and cohesive teams. It’s about collaboration, shared struggles, and the eventual forging of a unified direction.

Storytelling and Emotional Engagement

A vision should never be a decree issued from on high; rather, it should be a story that explains why the goal is worth pursuing. The narrative behind the vision is crucial for emotional engagement. It helps the team understand the purpose behind their efforts, creating a deeper connection to the work and fostering a stronger commitment to the vision’s realization.

Characteristics of a Powerful Vision

Concrete and Pragmatic

A good product vision needs to be grounded in reality. It should be specific, actionable, and clear enough to provide direction. Vagueness or abstraction can dilute its impact and leave too much room for interpretation, potentially leading to misalignment within the organization.

Emotionally Resonant

While being pragmatic is essential, a vision that evokes emotion will always have a more substantial impact. It should speak to the aspirations and values of the people who will work towards its realization, making the journey personally meaningful.

Avoiding Jargon

The trap of “buzzword bingo” can make a vision feel insincere or generic. Authenticity in how the vision is articulated is crucial for it to resonate. The language used should be accessible and avoid industry jargon that might alienate or confuse team members.


Crafting a compelling product vision is a nuanced process that goes beyond simply defining a goal. It’s about setting a course that is ambitious yet achievable, creating a narrative that inspires and mobilizes, and ensuring the vision is grounded in reality while resonating on an emotional level. Through a collaborative and inclusive process, organizations can forge a vision that not only guides but also galvanizes the team towards achieving their BHAG, making the vision a living part of the organization’s journey to success.

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