The number 1 skill for a Product Owner?

The number 1 skill for a Product Owner?

A Product Owner needs to possess a whole host of skills as it’s a position that requires a blend of technical knowledge, leadership ability, strategic thinking, and so much more. But, among all these skills, which one stands out as the most crucial one?

In my view, it’s the ability to connect the user of the product with the value you want to deliver for the product.

Bridging users and value

What does connecting the user and the value imply? It means understanding what the problems are that you’re solving for those users. It’s about finding out which issues they’re grappling with and creating a solution that alleviates their pain points. Having a razor-sharp focus on these problems and the corresponding solutions should be a priority.

Maintaining unwavering focus

It’s also important to not lose sight of your objectives. This means avoiding the trap of compromising too early in the product development process. Early compromise can result in a diluted, washed-down product, which won’t be beneficial to the users or to your organisation.

It’s not just about identifying what matters most, but fighting for it, ensuring it is carried into the final product. Stand your ground for this vision, and you’ll be crafting products that truly resonate with your users.

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