SID (Scrum In Depth) First Run

As mentioned in my earlier blog entry, I gave my first SID training in Bern, Switzerland on June 5th/6th.

The two days were exciting in many aspects. The audience compiled of ten managers, programmers and analysts from different domains was already well on its way to become agile. This meant that I had to answer a couple of tough questions. But hey, this is the spice I really like to add to my professional life, especially if the outcome is right. Also, I was concerned that I might run too fast through all the material. But, the opposite occurred – there were still slides left at the end of the first day. I was about one hour behind. The class was very forthcoming and gave me additional time on either day to catch up. So, next time I will have a closer look at the time to make sure that I keep my time box. Isn’t Scrum all about time boxing!
So overall, I am very pleased with how the first run went. I managed to communicate the meaning of being a ScrumMaster and what to expect when you roll it out. I got feed back from a couple of attendees that they passed the test. Again, this is like a high five for me as the test is not trivial and requires a deep understanding of Scrum basics and principles.

Best, I got tons of of great feed back — mostly positive 😉 — which I will incorporate into future runs (Inspect and Adapt). In August I will meet with Ken Schwaber to address and clarify a couple of points.

For me, everything is working out great right now. is an excellent organization which is absolutely committed to high standards and quality. Working with Ken turns out to be great fun and best, I really love to spread the Agile/Scrum gospel.

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