Scrumday Germany – Product Management at Scale – The 5Ts

Title: Product Management at Scale – The 5Ts
Year: 2022
Location: Stuttgart

Abstract: With all the different scaling options that exist today, it may seem like there is very little agreement on how to scale the Product Owner role. Ralph, (and Don not at the conferee though) authors of the best selling The Professional Product Owner book, will introduce five Product Owner Delegation Models that can guide you regardless of what scaling framework may be in place. Depending on your context, they can be implemented individually or combined. You will leave with a better understanding of the role of Product Owner and what their true focus should be, especially at scale. You will also leave with a way to map each model to your existing structure. This session takes a scaling framework agnostic approach to the Product Owner role. We really want people to take away practical advice that can be applied no-matter their situation. This is done by introducing Five Delegation Models (5Ts): * Tactical Delegation Model – have others help manage the Product Backlog and other tactical things * Technical Delegation Model – build your work into the product *Team Delegation Model – delegate to the team members, let them talk to customers * Temp Delegation Model – assign a representative to each team until the teams are self-sufficient * Theme Delegation Model – create representatives (SMEs) for different product areas that teams can consult

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