Why is Communication Such an Important Skill for a PO to Master?

In my experience, when working in Agile, communication is sometimes heavily underestimated and I think this is a problem. Communication is such an important skill for a Product Owner because in this role you are ultimately the living beacon and the representation of the grand ideas that you and your team have behind your product.  

So if you are excited and are able to spread this excitement to other people and see the same solutions or ideas that you have then they will follow you, and will work hard for you. Therefore as a good Product Owner, you should be good at storytelling, inspiring others and engaging with people.  

 The impact of effective communication skills as a Product Owner are: 

 🚀 Increased employee engagement.  

🚀 Mitigation of conflict.  

🚀 Improves productivity.  

🚀 Enhances client relations.  

🚀 Strengthens team building.  

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