What is the Hardest Concept to grasp in Product Ownership?

For me, the hardest concept to grasp in Product Ownership is defining and achieving a workable Product Increment. An Increment is a forward step towards a goal or vision, and the Product Increment is the summation of all the backlog items finished during the Sprint and also the previously completed Sprints, which by the end of each Sprint, should be a working product that moves into the production phase to go live. Now having an actionable and working Product Increment is non-negotiable and should always be aimed at progress.  

So let’s say, you are experiencing a lot of pressure to deliver something and the Developers are not where they need to be yet; nobody really understands the technology or are in control of it and it is not 100% reliable. There may also be some small minor issues here and there with a lot of room for improvement. As unfortunate as this way be, it does not mean that you can not show it in the Sprint Review. Yes, maybe people won’t be applauding you with a “wow, that’s great” but they will surely be giving feedback and possibly even answering some questions surrounding the development of the product.  

Definition the Product Increment 

A big part of having a Product Increment is being able to measure its value and quality. This means you will need to define what you mean by your project and define a set of criteria of standards that you can use to evaluate how well the Product Increment can meet the expectations of the Stakeholders and the Users.

This can be based on a variety of factors such as:  

 🚀 Business goals.  

🚀 User needs.  

🚀 Technical requirements.  

🚀 Usability.


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