What Has Preparing for the Amsterdam Marathon Taught You about Agility? Part 1

I used to run marathons many many years ago and in that time I learned many important lessons that I even carry with my professional career today. I was however not really ready for it and did not do as well as I think I could have, and this is because I did not dedicate myself enough. More than this, I realized that what I needed was deliberate and intentional practice to achieve the results I could have gotten. For example when I used to train for marathons, I would strap on my shoes and continually practice, making sure that I was prepared.

Eventually I got really good at it and started to enjoy it. I think for me this was an integral part of winning the marathon; enjoyment. You get better and stronger by doing it.

So what this taught me about Agility is that:  You can achieve anything you put your mind to.  

🚀 You must enjoy something to preserve and commit.  

🚀 You must practice and work with intention to succeed.  

At the end of day, consistency and practice are the twin engines that propel us toward greatness. They are the unyielding forces that transform ordinary individuals into extraordinary achievers. When we embrace consistency and commit ourselves to the relentless pursuit of improvement, we unlock a world of possibilities. 

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