What has Golf Taught you About Agility? Part 1

In an effort to better understand Agility, golf has taught me a lot; you have to have the right technique and you need to have the right mindset. So if you walk out of a meeting and have a really horrible day and then go out onto the field, your head is still spinning but yet you are still able to perform as you should. This is because of the muscle memory and mechanics that you have to have in place as well as the basics of your mentality.

For me this is quite similar to working in Agile because even though you might have all the tools and understanding of the entire process and framework, if your mind is not in the right place, it still wont’ work. Mindset is crucial when working in Agile methodologies because it fundamentally shapes how teams approach problems, collaborate, and adapt to change.

An Agile mindset encourages individuals to embrace flexibility, prioritize customer value, and value continuous improvement. With a growth-oriented mindset, team members are more inclined to view setbacks as learning opportunities, fostering resilience and innovation.  

This mindset promotes open communication, transparency, and a focus on delivering value incrementally, aligning with Agile principles. In essence, a positive Agile mindset empowers teams to respond effectively to shifting requirements, engage in frequent feedback loops, and ultimately deliver higher-quality products that meet customer needs, all of which are central to Agile’s success. 


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