Stance 5: The Influencer

In the world of product ownership, there exists a delicate balance between the product itself and the Stakeholders who hold its fate. This intricate dance, often referred to as “The Influencer,” plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of any initiative. At the heart of it all is the influenza, not the viral illness, but rather the inflow and outflow of ideas, demands, and expectations. As a Product Owner, one must grapple with a dual responsibility. On the one hand, there’s the product itself, a creation nurtured with care and dedication. On the other, there are the stakeholders – a varied group of individuals with diverse interests and needs. 

The primary task in this dance is identifying these Stakeholders, recognizing their importance, and understanding their potential impact on the project. It’s akin to sorting them into different groups, akin to friends, foes, or those who remain on the fence. Each Stakeholder, much like a unique personality, has their preferences and desires. Some may crave regular updates and positive news, while others prefer straight talk, no sugar-coating. Recognizing these traits can be invaluable in keeping Stakeholders content. 

But one cannot always say “yes” to every request, and which is why the art of saying “no” becomes crucial. A resounding “no” might not always be the answer; instead, it could be a “not right now.” This approach maintains an open channel of communication and leaves room for future collaboration when circumstances align. So in the realm of “The Influencer,” it’s about fostering a productive and collaborative environment. It’s about understanding the stakeholders’ positions, catering to their preferences, and sometimes gently guiding them towards the most beneficial path for the project. 

In summary, as Product owner, striking the right balance between your product and your stakeholders’ needs is the key to success. It’s about becoming “The Influencer” who can harmonize the forces at play and ensure a project’s progress and prosperity. 

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