One-hour coaching included in training course

I’ve had plenty of feedback from from people who have attended my training that training sessions can be a whirlwind of information, with everything looking shiny and new. However, when you return to reality, there might be a question or a hurdle that you’re struggling with.

From now on, once you attend one of my classes, you’ll get one hour of free coaching within the next year after the training. This extra support is designed to help you navigate any roadblocks you might encounter when you apply your new knowledge in real-life situations.

Let’s say, for instance, six months down the line, you hit a snag that you’re finding tough to get around. No problem! All you need to do is sign up for your free coaching hour, and we’ll work through it together.

This coaching is designed to be flexible and tailored to your needs. We can have a one-hour session to address your issue in-depth, or if you prefer, we could split it into two half-hour sessions. The goal is to provide you with the support you need, when you need it.

About Effective Agile

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As one of the first Professional Scrum Trainers in the world, Ralph has worked directly with cocreator of #scrum, Ken Schwaber, and has played an integral part in the course development of the #PSPO (Professional Scrum Product Owner) as well as the delivery of all certified courses.

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