How Does a Product Owner Stand Up to a Powerful Stakeholder?

In the dynamic landscape of product development, the role of a Product Owner stands as a linchpin, responsible for orchestrating the creation of a product that not only meets customer needs but also aligns with the organization’s goals. Central to this mission is the art of Stakeholder Engagement, a vital process that bridges the gap between the product vision and its realisation. In this brief exploration, we delve into the essential concepts of Product Owner and Stakeholder engagement, examining how their collaboration serves as the driving force behind successful product development endeavours. From understanding Stakeholder needs to prioritizing features and ensuring effective communication, this dynamic duo plays a critical role in transforming ideas into tangible, value-driven solutions. 

Stakeholder Management plays an essential part in Product Ownership, and there are different kinds of Stakeholders that we like to think about; we have users, we have influencers and providers that provide governance and with each of those, you would engage differently with your users than to your providers in order to deliver those influences within your organization. You may have a good relationship and engage with them differently, but let’s say one of them pulls the plug and then you lose money; we then have a major problem on our hands.  

So when dealing with Stakeholders and in an effort to prevent negative scenarios, governance becomes very useful. And so you have to follow the laws and regulations to navigate on how to address and negotiate with your Stakeholders effectively. However, there is some leeway about how you engage with the laws; you could read and interpret them in different ways so that there is a bit of room for navigation as well.  

 But how can you stand up to powerful Stakeholders?

This is where having the appropriate measurements and metrics is important; we need to implement and develop something like evidence-based management. Something along these lines could help somebody and determine what is right or wrong.

I think once we can really base our decisions on these facts, it becomes a really great way to stand up because nobody can counter that.  

So, how does a Product Owner stand up to a powerful Stakeholder? With evidence, conviction and research-based evidence to support their position.  

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