A strong business case for Scrum

A strong business case for Scrum

I’ve seen Scrum succeed in numerous projects and products across different industries. One particular case, however, stands out as an exceptional demonstration of Scrum’s effectiveness. Let’s take a look at the remarkable success story of Scrum implementation at Swiss Post.

The challenge
At Swiss Post, the team embarked on a critical endeavour – developing a scanner that would be used by 22 000 devices, serving around 20 000 postmen every day. The seamless functioning of these devices was vital, as any malfunction would disrupt the delivery process.

To add to the challenge, the project had a tight timeline of 12 months, with a target completion date set at 10 months. With seven organisations and multiple vendors involved, creating a cohesive and efficient workflow seemed like an uphill battle.

Creating the Scrum bubble
The key to the success of this Scrum implementation lay in the commitment and dedication of the people involved. We recognised the importance of approaching the project in a natural and agile manner. To facilitate this, we created a “Scrum bubble”: a controlled environment that allowed the team to operate autonomously, free from the constraints of existing structures, cultural mindsets and behavioural norms.

Within this bubble, the team embraced the core principles of Scrum, fostering a collaborative and iterative atmosphere that encouraged innovation and adaptability. The Scrum framework empowered us to embrace change, promote transparency and focus on delivering incremental value to the end-users.

A resounding success
The implementation of Scrum at Swiss Postal Services exceeded all expectations. Our team’s commitment, combined with the agile practices of Scrum, enabled us to complete the project within the challenging 10-month timeframe. The successful development of the scanner ensured uninterrupted operations, allowing parcels, signed letters and other mail to be efficiently delivered each day.

The project’s success was not solely due to Scrum as a methodology but also because the people involved genuinely wanted to approach the project in a natural way. We created a bubble that fostered collaboration, energy, and a sense of purpose. We could sense the energy and see how well Scrum was working for us.

What does this show us?
The Scrum implementation at Swiss Post stands as a shining example of how Scrum can drive project success. By creating a dedicated and autonomous environment, we were able to overcome obstacles and deliver exceptional results. Our commitment to Scrum’s values and principles, combined with the bubble we created, allowed us to work cohesively and achieve outstanding outcomes.
This success story emphasises the importance of embracing agile methodologies, creating an environment that fosters innovation and adaptability, and empowering teams to follow Scrum’s principles. Swiss Post showcases that Scrum can be the catalyst for exceptional project outcomes, no matter your industry.

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