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Professional Product Discovery and Validation Course (PPDV) course.

Enhance Value Creation with the Practical Product Discovery and Validation Workshop. 

Discover the Right Product and Validate its Value

Welcome to our intensive one-day workshop designed for Product Owners, Developers, and Product Managers. This workshop focuses on empowering you with the essential skills for effective product discovery and validation, ensuring that you build products that truly resonate with your users and deliver substantial business value.

In today’s rapidly evolving market, guessing is no longer an option. Our workshop equips you with the methodologies to discover the right product and validate its value through hands-on training. You’ll learn how to incorporate these practices into both new (greenfield) and existing products, enhancing your ability to create value and optimize ROI.

Why experimentation and validation matter.

The ability to experiment and gather evidence is crucial in today’s business environment. This course prioritizes learning as a key driver for success, teaching you how to conduct targeted experiments that provide actionable insights. By mastering these skills, you'll delight customers, achieve significant company impacts, and control risk exposure effectively.

What you will learn on PPDV

During the workshop, you'll engage in an ongoing case study, applying techniques in real-time and preparing to bring these skills back to your workplace. You’ll explore various discovery and validation practices that align with iterative development cycles, ensuring you can quickly assess and adapt to what works best for your users.

Why should attend?

This course is ideal for Product Owners, Product Managers, and members of product teams who are eager to increase user value, make data-informed decisions, and improve investment strategies. If you're looking to enhance your practical skills in product discovery and validation, this workshop is for you.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Enhance User Value: Design experiments that validate assumptions about users’ needs and wants.
  • Optimize ROI: Reduce waste by investing only based on validated evidence.
  • Foster Collaboration: Use data to engage key stakeholders and drive organizational alignment.
  • Unlock Creativity: Approach work as problems to solve, not just tasks to execute.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and validate key assumptions about your product.
  • Prioritize which assumptions to test first based on evidence.
  • Gather and analyze data to support or refute your hypotheses.
  • Manage experiment costs and understand signal quality for decision-making.
  • Facilitate creative and diverse solution generation.
  • Apply experimental learnings to your product development process.
2024-07-16 PPDV (beta) - Professional Product Discovery and ValidationDiscovery & Validation Skills for Product Owners Learn how to approach the critical parts of … Original price was: € 685.Current price is: € 450.
2024-08-14 PPDV (beta) - Professional Product Discovery and ValidationDiscovery & Validation Skills for Product Owners Learn how to approach the critical parts of … Original price was: € 685.Current price is: € 450.
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