2024-08-14 PPDV (beta) – Professional Product Discovery and Validation

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Discovery & Validation Skills for Product Owners

Learn how to approach the critical parts of discovery and validation in the product development process with our Scrum Discovery & Validation Skills training. In this one-day certified skills class, you will learn a number of discovery and validation practices to better understand what your users and customers are really looking for and how to best validate those assumptions.

As this is a beta class, know that this course is still in development. With your attendance and feedback, you can help shape and improve this course for future Product Owners!

What will you learn?

As a Product Owner, you have learned the basics of Product Ownership. So, knowing that it’s all about maximizing value for your product, you’ll now learn how to discover your users’ challenges, run experiments, test hypotheses, and increase your chance of finding a solution that is fit for purpose.

  • How to discover beforehand what the client really needs.
  • How to validate customer needs cheaply.
  • How to design, perform and evaluate experiments.
  • How to integrate discovery and validation into Scrum.
  • How to better manage product development risk.


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