2024-06-17 DAO Plus – Designing Agile Organizations & ORCA-Facilitation


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Designing Agile Organizations PLUS

Certified course for Senior Management and Change Agent roles (Agile Coach, Scrum Master)
  • Understand how you can develop your own context-specific Agile framework addressing the entire organizational system
  • Learn how to design the organization serving the sole purpose of achieving strategic business goals
  • Get equipped with the practical approach to transform for high Adaptability
  • (optionally) reach the next level in your capabilities of addressing systemic problems with deeply hidden organizational causes by attending the Certified Full Course ORCA Facilitation™

Designing Agile Organizations Course Overview

This 2-day course is about re-designing an organization into one that can respond effectively to market changes and delight the customer.

To quote John Seddon: “Culture Change is Free. People’s behaviour is a product of their system”.

Participants explore how to design an Agile organization, driven by the required organizational capabilities, to product definition, structure, roles and responsibilities to your appraisal system.

Participants leave this course with an appreciation for the Agile mindset and how to deal with common adoption mistakes. They gain the understanding about how to make informed decisions about their transformation that will be most beneficial to their organization.

Based on the Book ‘Creating Agile Organizations’

The course is based on the book “Creating Agile Organizations” by Cesario Ramos and Ilia Pavlichenko, and uses a mix of instruction and group activities. Participants learn how to adopt Agile at large scale, avoid common mistakes, and make informed transformation decision for their organization. All participants get a copy of the book “Creating Agile Organizations”

Who Should Attend The ‘Designing Agile Organizations’ Course.

The Certified Agile Organization Designer course is for people in leadership roles that play a key role in organization redesign and support an Agile adoption effort. We recommend that Tech, Business and senior leadership representatives attend, preferably together.

Preparation for the course.

Basic Scrum & Agile knowledge is expected and can be achieved by reading the book Emergent and Scrum material such as the Scrum Guide and the LeSS book.

DAO Certification

All participants receive a Designing Agile Organization certificate




ORCA stands for Organizational Root-Cause Analysis


Ralph and Denis developed a unique approach based on traditional often disconnected methods used in Systems Thinking and Organizational Design including such well-known concepts as:

  • The Star Model by Jay Galbraith
  • The Iceberg Model of Systems Thinking – has been widely used but has no specific attributed author
  • Causal Loop Diagramming (CLD) – for visualizing the dynamics within systems

Their innovation led to the creation of ORCA Canvases, a comprehensive tool designed specifically for Organizational Systems Thinking. They believe that the true power of the ORCA Canvases unfolds when they are used alongside the skillful application of system diagraming techniques (e.g. CLD). This combination, reinforced by Systems Thinking and effective facilitation techniques, is what is called ORCA Facilitation.

Learn more here: https://orca-facilitation.com/