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Product Goal Workshop

Learn how to craft a compelling, actionable and effective product goal from the creator of The Product Goal Canvas - Ralph Jocham. A one-day workshop designed to help you craft and articulate compelling product goals that inspire the team.

Craft and articulate powerful, actionable product goals with Ralph Jocham.

Move quickly and effectively out of product development quicksand by crafting and articulating powerful, compelling product goals that inspire the team, provide a strong direction of travel for the organization, and increase customer / stakeholder satisfaction.

First Half Day

Learn, from 9am to 1pm, all about the Product Goal Canvas and how you can use the canvas to create compelling product goals that inspire.


Spend a week working with your team to craft and articulate a powerful product goal based on what you have learned.

Second Half Day

Bring your product goal to the workshop and receive feedback, coaching and consulting that helps polish and perfect your product goal.

Primary Challenges the Product Goal Workshop addresses

You've adopted Scrum and have seen the benefits of agile and empirical process control in your product development environment. Kudos. Now it's time to build on that solid foundation and iterate to the next level of product development excellence.

2024-05-28 Product Goal WorkshopFirst half day: 28 May 2024 (9am to 1pm) Second half day: 04 June 2024 … Original price was: € 695.Current price is: € 450.
2024-07-11 Product Goal WorkshopFirst half day: 11 July 2024 (9am to 1pm) Second half day: 18 July 2024 … Original price was: € 695.Current price is: € 450.
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