Consensus is the Quickest Path to Mediocrity. True or False?

The pursuit of consensus has long been hailed as a cornerstone of decision-making and collaboration. After all, it seems intuitive that when a group of individuals can find common ground and agree on a course of action, it should lead to better outcomes. However, the assertion that consensus is the quickest path to mediocrity challenges […]

3 Critical Steps to Crafting a Strong Product goal. Step 3

In the world of creating new products, setting clear and achievable goals is incredibly important for success. However, something that often gets missed is how important it is to have good evidence to support these goals. First, let’s start with a basic question: What are the specific numbers or measures we should be aiming for? […]

3 Critical Steps to Crafting a Strong Product Goal. Step 2

Hey there, fellow product enthusiasts! Crafting a solid product goal can be as thrilling as navigating a treasure map. In this article, I’ll share the second critical step that’s often overlooked but is an absolute game-changer in your product development journey.  Step 2: Know Your Stakeholders Inside Out  Picture this: you’re on a quest for […]

Stance 6: The Experimenter

I’ve come to realize the critical role that experimentation plays in driving innovation and solving problems. It’s all about finding creative solutions to real-world challenges. Experiments are the lifeblood of innovation. They are the sparks that ignite new ideas and drive progress. And why do we run experiments? Well, it’s simple: we want to solve […]

How do you ensure that items in the backlog are well understood?

The Key to Stellar Product Backlog Understanding 🎯  Did you know that items in the Product Backlog don’t necessarily have to be user stories? A common misconception! In fact, User stories hail from Extreme Programming and aren’t intrinsically tied to Scrum. What they can be, however, is a bucket for understanding, a different kind of […]

Stance 5: The Influencer

In the world of product ownership, there exists a delicate balance between the product itself and the Stakeholders who hold its fate. This intricate dance, often referred to as “The Influencer,” plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of any initiative. At the heart of it all is the influenza, not the viral illness, […]

3 critical elements to good product backlog refinement?

When it comes to Scrum, it’s not just about riding the agile waves but ensuring our ship is heading in the right direction. The heart of this journey? The Product Backlog. Today, we’re diving deep into the three critical elements of product backlog refinement, and trust me, you’ll want to take notes! 📝  Unified Vision: […]

Stance 4: The Collaborator

As a Product Owner, I find myself constantly wearing multiple hats – one of them being the collaborator. But what exactly does it mean to be a collaborator in the world of product development? Well, for me, it boils down to three key areas: governance, budgeting, and contracting.  🚀 Governance:  In the ever-evolving landscape of […]

Unpacking the Scrum Magic: Mastering the Product Backlog 🧙‍♂️📋

Ever wondered what’s at the heart of a successful Scrum team? Today, we’re diving deep into one of the most fundamental, yet often misunderstood, components of Scrum: the Product Backlog. Stick with me, and by the end of this read, you’ll be wielding your Product Backlog like a pro! ✨  🎯 What is a Product […]

Stance 3: The Decision Maker

In the world of Scrum, one role stands out as the ultimate decision-maker: the Product Owner. This individual carries the mantle of accountability at every level of the product development process.   The Product Owner’s Authority  The Product Owner, often abbreviated as PO, holds a unique position within a Scrum team. They are the ones who […]