Hardest part of writing The Professional Product Owner book?

Writing a book takes a significant amount of time and an unwavering commitment. For me, it required dedication, perseverance, and an insatiable desire to tell a story. You have to want to do it, deeply and genuinely. The process may see you sacrificing your evenings and weekends, and sometimes even burning the midnight oil.

The ups and downs of writing

Writing can be a rollercoaster. There are moments when you’re stuck on something, when ideas seem clear in your head but become awkward once written down. The constant back-and-forth, rewriting and revising, can be frustrating.

Yet, it’s a journey filled with discovery and personal growth. As you wrestle with your words and phrases, you learn, improve, and eventually shape your raw thoughts into articulate, compelling prose.

The Joy of Completion

Despite the ups and downs, the feeling of holding your completed book—the tangible fruit of your labour—is incomparable. In the end, once you hold your ‘baby’ in your hands, it’s beautiful.

The joy and satisfaction you derive from seeing your ideas transformed into a book wash away the memory of all previous hardships. It’s an experience akin to the journey of parenthood. Yes, it’s hard and challenging, but the outcome makes you forget all about the struggles.

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