During a coaching engagement, one of us will join you onsite for some time; usually a couple of Sprints. Our goal is to build the narrative of your past, assess the present and provide an insight into possible futures. While onsite, you will be immersed into agile values, principles and practices. This immersion focuses on optimizing the value stream from strategic upper level leadership to the tactical work of your developers on the floor, guided by your narrative. Our basic principle is to stay for as short as possible but as long as needed. We don’t want to spoon-feed you and make you dependent on us. We will take of the ‘training wheels’ as early as possible. There is nothing wrong with bloody knees. If this approach doesn’t work for you, we then believe that you are not ready for true agile.


Consulting is punctual. Consulting is often all you need if you are willing to do your home work and practice. Quite frequently, short term coaching engagements turn into a consulting relationship. During a consulting engagement, one of us will work with you to assess the situation and work with you to provide guidance for a positive outcome. Our goal is to understand the narrative of your past, assess the present and provide an insight into possible futures. We don’t like to throw simple answers at complex problems. We want you to be able to understand the situation in the given context. We believe that you are quite capable to solve your own problems. Our goal is to challenge your assumptions and to function as guardrails.


You have a very specific situation for which an existing training does not work? We are happy to build for you a customized workshop. This usually includes interviews with various people of your organization. These perspectives give us an insight into your problems from a technical, process and cultural point of view. This helps us understand the narrative which is the basis of your workshop. It serves two goals at the same time: to better understand your problems and how to structure and run your workshop. Our clients love them.
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