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We believe that agile is more than just working in iterations, doing a daily standup and buying a fancy ‘agile’ tool

We believe that a focus on people and company culture are most paramount

We believe that in our complex world we need to shift to an empirical mindset as the old ways of working no longer work

We believe that we have to address our current system and that we need to be willing to challenge everything.

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I enjoyed the interactions during this class, a lot of exercises in order to learn and apply the Scrum guide in real life scenarios. I recommended this course for all who want to learn more about how Scrum is helping complex projects and complex situations.

Nov 2, 2021

I loved the training approach, the team exercises and the way Ralph presented all the information as he didn't allowed the audience to get bored 🙂

Nov 1, 2021

Excellent training experience. Ralph is a great trainer. Tailored to POs who need to understand how to maximize value in their organizations. I totally recommend this class.

Jan 7, 2021

Our Achievements

Since our establishment in 2011, our team has achieved a lot. Below are some statistics and interesting facts about our agile consulting company.


Helping Product Owners Worldwide


PSPO Vevey

I’m happy to share the outstanding experience I had during the Professional Scrum Product Owner course facilitated by Ralph. He’s passionate, extremely knowledgeable and also able to convey the subject matter in interesting and engaging ways.
I would highly recommend Ralph if you are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of Scrum and Product Ownership.

Raymond Newby

PSPO Zürich

What made Ralph´s PSPO training unique is the fact of his vast practical knowledge. It’ rare that you can get such quality and dedicated time from a true subject matter expert as Ralph.
After the training, it is just about thoroughly reading his book to get well-prepared for the exam. Hitting above 90% shouldn´t be an issue.

Daniel Dolz

PSM Zürich

Ich fand den Kurs persönlich sehr wertvoll. Es tut sehr gut, mal bewusst aus dem Arbeitsalltag herauszutreten und auf der Meta-Ebene mit etwas Distanz zu beachten, was man eigentlich macht bzw. wie man es macht. Ich konnte auf jeden Fall einige Inputs für mein Daily Business mitnehmen.

Kompliment an dich für die didaktisch absolut top herübergebrachten Inhalte. Dass du inhaltlich zu 110% verstehst von was du sprichst, muss ich nicht erwähnen. ????

Werde den Kurs wärmstens weiterempfehlen!

Jonas Höltschi

PSM Utrecht

Had a wonderful Professional Scrum Master training this week by trainer Ralph Jocham who really knows how to explain things.
Showing material from the projects he himself worked on made things very clear.
Engaging, Insightful, Inspiring, Passionate, Highly Recommended!

Really enjoyed.
Thanks Ralph.

Peter Ansbach

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